APMG is a leading provider of gynecologic pathology and women’s health diagnostic testing.

Our team includes Dr. Julia Chan, board-certified cytopathologist, and experienced cytotechnologists to deliver the highest level of medical expertise, diagnostic quality and personal service.

  • Pathology & Cytopathology Program
    • Conventional Pap smears
    • Liquid-based Pap tests
    • Infectious disease testing
    • Fine needle aspirations
    • Gynecologic biopsies
    • Breast biopsies

  • Pap Vial Testing
    • HPV, GC and Chlamydia off the ThinPrep® Vial
    • APMG uses Cytyc™ and Digene™ technologies, the only FDA-approved methods for performing testing off of the ThinPrep® Vial

APMG features state-of-the-art screening available for cervical cancer, infectious and genetic diseases.

  • High Quality, Value-added Diagnostics
    • Extensive managed-care affiliation
    • Exceptional quality, low ASCUS rates
    • Superior turnaround time: 24–48 hours for biopsies and Pap test results
    • Pap-to-biopsy correlation
    • Complimentary patient education materials
    • Access to cytopathologists for physician-to-physician consultations

  • Enhanced Reports
    • Color photomicrograph depicts the most abnormal cell population viewed by pathologists
    • Abnormal diagnosis highlighted in red to quickly alert the staff to those patients requiring immediate follow-up
    • Correlation of the Pap test and biopsy result

  • Pap Test Hotline
    • APMG has developed a unique program to notify your patients of normal Pap test results
    • Decrease time spent on administrative tasks, and increase quality clinical time with your patients
    • Save time and money associated with sending out normal Pap notices
    • Your patients will have convenient and private access to their Pap test results via the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Pap Imaging System: Imaging-Directed Cytology™
    The radically innovative ThinPrep® Imaging System makes Imaging-Directed Cytology (IDC) a reality and addresses the issue of false negatives due to screening of slide. (Approximately one third of false negative results are due to abnormal cells being missed or misclassified.)

    The ThinPrep® Imaging System is the first system to:
    • Provide “dual review” — both the Imager and a cytotechnologist review every slide
    • Scan every cell and cell cluster and identify areas of interest for further review
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